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Case Studies

A complete caring service

Some real-life examples of our care services in practice.

Case Study 1

My father has been a service user of Home Alternative for over two years. Dad is a very proud man who doesn’t consider that he needs any support. The truth is he is quite disabled by his dementia, and is able to remain at home because of my sister’s support (I live in Glasgow) and the support given by Home Alternative.

When dad started the service we did not think he would let anyone over the door. The truth is, not only did he let the manager and her team into his home-they have developed a lovely warm relationship with him ie: A regular carer was able to tell me information about mum (who died in 2008) that they would not have been able to if a close relationship had not developed. This is due to the skill and motivation of the team.

My sister and I are both very experienced nurses, I also work for the Care Inspectorate-the point being we both know what poor quality is-and this isn’t.
Home Alternative provide a service which is continuous and flexible, the team is prepared to “come and go” which is everything in our situation. We know that if the “ladies” have not been able to get Dad I they will pop to the pub up the road to ensure he is ok. However, this is not a casual service delivery, but a service which has all the required risk assessments, reviews and records.

We both think that the team genuinely care for dad. This is a service that, in our experience should get “top marks”, it works hard to ensure positive outcomes-and that dementia is not the end of the world but a different time in a world that’s a bit different.

We/Dad would be lost without them-and consider we have been fortunate to find such good quality.

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Case Study 2

Mrs B lives in sheltered accommodation where she moved from her own home in the last few years when some support was felt to be required in the area of meal preparation and personal care. With help from her family and carers she has settled in really well although she has a form of dementia which affects her short term memory.

Regular calls from carers and input from Mrs B’ s family have ensured she leads a contented and safe life in her old age, with encouragement enabling her to be accompanied on walks and trips to the park and local cafes where she enjoys a coffee/ice cream and watching young children at play. (Despite being a nonagenarian Mrs B is fortunate to have few mobility issues other than needing a walking stick for light support). Mrs B also likes to play board games, knit and regularly writes her activities in a daily diary.

Her family have told us they feel able to relax and take holidays whilst knowing their mum has good quality care while they are away. Although she has a dementia they also consider she has actually improved, which they feel is down to the stimulation generated by carer interaction, social outings and occasions such as encouraging her to attend afternoon tea held weekly where Mrs B lives.

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